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We Are Invaders

Retro arcade spaceship video game. Invaders style. Have fun saving the earth!

Year 2100

You have been chosen for almost a suicide mission… 

In 2100, humans have finished with almost all the natural resources of the earth and in consequence, they are become extinct. To avoid this, you have been choosen for almost a suicidal mission. Go to Terra2, which is exactly like the Earth, steal a device capable of regenerate the land and return.The habitants of the planets between the Earth and Terra2 believe that we are harmful and they will try to stop you. Good luck!


Watch Video

Enjoy “We Are Invaders” GamePlay. This video shows the first impression of this amazing retro arcade video game.

BacHmaN, author

Programming: Sergi Bach • Graphics: Coral Piferrer, Scirra (Rizky Djati Munggaran), Kenney, Graphicriver • Sound & effects: Pond5